Seize Everything
Seize Everything


Fortune Favors The Bold, Boys

Games I’ve run, given names by prominent lines from them. The current Pathfinder game: “Fortune favors the bold, boys” The previous D&D game: “The door is made of dragons” The Gutterpunk game: “C***s!” The SCP game: “Airships are always necessary” The Paranoia game: “Rig it to explode and weld the door shut” The old D&D […] Read more

The New Party

The Pathfinder game started last Saturday. It went well, though it was a little slow at first. I had the brilliant idea of having the characters start separate from each other in several different groups, which turned out to not work so well, but as soon as everyone met up and introduced themselves things started […] Read more

The New Game

A vote was held last week on what we wanted to play next quarter. The decision was that everyone wanted to play a new D&D-style campaign set in the same world as the old one. So, while it looks like we’re not going to be revisiting the adventures of our former party of characters, we […] Read more

The Guild of Assessment

Despite the D&D game not happening currently, I still can’t resist drawing things for it… The Guild of Assessment is the police/investigative organization controlled by the Princeps of the Grey City. Initially intended to be an impartial investigator and judge in mercantile disputes and crimes, the Guild’s purview has expanded since the Grey City fell […] Read more

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