Seize Everything
Seize Everything

January 2012

The Guild of Assessment

Despite the D&D game not happening currently, I still can’t resist drawing things for it… The Guild of Assessment is the police/investigative organization controlled by the Princeps of the Grey City. Initially intended to be an impartial investigator and judge in mercantile disputes and crimes, the Guild’s purview has expanded since the Grey City fell […] Read more

Profit at Arms

Played Rogue Trader for the first time last night. It was Peter’s first time ever GMing anything, though frankly I couldn’t really tell during the game. His only problem was an obvious nervousness as to how far his notes would take us into the game. Seeing as we stopped playing at 2:30 AM, I’m thinking […] Read more

Winter Gaming

Games I played over winter break: Legend of the Five Rings: Dorf ran two sessions of this. We played as Jake Magistrates in the Empire of Rokugan, going around trying to suss out treason while still acting honorably in this pseudo-Japanese society. I had a helluva lot of fun playing a mildly-dishonorable Scorpion-clan asshole with […] Read more

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