Seize Everything
Seize Everything


Bounteous Teaser

I think I’ve figured out what my summer project is going to be. More details will be forthcoming. In the meantime, I’ve drawn this. This drawing/ad/cover/thing is, in fact misdirection. The character pictured does not use a sword in this particular story (or at least she doesn’t in the current draft). Consider it a character […] Read more


Let me preface this by saying I hate elves. Let me also preface this by saying I love elves. I hate elves because so many people have decided that elves are flat-out better than humans, and furthermore (this is what really pisses me off) the human characters in whatever story being told accept this like […] Read more

The Barrow Men

The Barrow Men A short story by Adam Watts             The lights of Tahmoor, City of Emeralds, shone like a patch of stars fallen out of the sky. They were bright, these lights, and warm, despite the cool sea air. Each and every one marked a busy path, even at this late hour. Walk a […] Read more

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