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Seize Everything

The Guild of Assessment

Despite the D&D game not happening currently, I still can’t resist drawing things for it…

The Guild of Assessment is the police/investigative organization controlled by the Princeps of the Grey City. Initially intended to be an impartial investigator and judge in mercantile disputes and crimes, the Guild’s purview has expanded since the Grey City fell under Imperial control centuries ago. The current Guild of Assessment is the organization that the Princeps uses to directly intervene in situations that would normally fall under the jurisdiction of either the Imperial justice system or the Imperial Chancery, investigating reports of treason, grand theft, fraud and similar cases. In this way the Princeps maintains control of his city, despite what the official documents and maps say. Having Guild of Assessment troops break down your door is regarded by some as worse than even the Chancery, for while the Black-Marked Men are an immediate and deadly threat, the Guild means that your execution will be preceded by your complete and utter financial and social ruin.

Non-fluff translation: If you really, really piss off the Princeps, these are the people who are coming for you. For any of my players reading this: These were the guys who were occupying the late Lord Varghess’ manor when you arrived as its new owners.

Guild of Assessment

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