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    • Line of the Night: San Marcho

      The sandbox Deadlands game that I was running in the fictional territory of San Marcho has come to its conclusion, and its successor–a D&D 5e game being run by my friend Peter–has begun. With the campaign over, I wanted to take a moment to look back over some of the best quotes from a year […] Read more

    • Solarian Black

      I’ve spent most of this month waiting on the manufacturer for No Honor Among Thieves, so not much progress there. In the free time that I now have I worked on a couple more projects for Carpe Omnis Games, and also spent two weeks setting up a design brand and web store called Solarian Black. This store […] Read more

    • Next Project Poll Results

      Last week, I ran a poll asking people which of the projects I’ve been working on they’d be interested in, because I’m basically just waiting on the manufacturer to move forward with No Honor Among Thieves right now and figured I could put a little time into something else. I put five of my project […] Read more

    • Carpe Omnis Games: Next Project Poll

      This month is mostly going to be waiting on the manufacturer for No Honor Among Thieves, so I figured I could spend that time working on something else. I’ve got a number of things I’ve been stirring up, but to make sure I’m on the right track I wanted to put up a survey to ask people […] Read more

    • How to Hire an Artist

      In my previous post, I promised that I would write up something about art directing and dealing with freelancers. I’ve got all my illustrations for No Honor Among Thieves at this point, and am in the process of getting things sent to the manufacturer for them to do their part, so I figured now would be […] Read more

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