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    • Back Online

      Had some site downtime today due to me not updating the SSL certificate properly. We’re back online now though, and things should continue running smoothly. Apologies to anyone who tried to access the site during that time. Read more

    • What’s Adam Reading? Rivers of London

      I’m starting a new tradition on this blog. I read a lot of genre fiction. I’ve been trying to limit myself to a book a week recently, because if I don’t I tend to rack up hundreds of dollars a month in payments to the Kindle e-book store, which I buy from because I’ve run out […] Read more

    • Avoiding Delays: A List of Things to Do Better Next Time

      When I launched my Kickstarter campaign for No Honor Among Thieves, I promised a delivery date of May. At the time I though that was being overly pessimistic, and that I would probably deliver one or two months before that, and everyone would be all impressed. Guess what? It’s almost July now, and the game isn’t […] Read more

    • Line of the Night: San Marcho

      The sandbox Deadlands game that I was running in the fictional territory of San Marcho has come to its conclusion, and its successor–a D&D 5e game being run by my friend Peter–has begun. With the campaign over, I wanted to take a moment to look back over some of the best quotes from a year […] Read more

    • Solarian Black

      I’ve spent most of this month waiting on the manufacturer for No Honor Among Thieves, so not much progress there. In the free time that I now have I worked on a couple more projects for Carpe Omnis Games, and also spent two weeks setting up a design brand and web store called Solarian Black. This store […] Read more

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