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No Honor Among Thieves: Playtesting is Blind

I now have, for your perusal, a print-and-play version of No Honor Among Thieves. I have stayed up very late tonight putting this together the day before I leave for Boston and PAX East, because the business cards I got for the convention say that there is a print-and-play available on the site, and by God there now is.

The cards for this were put together in Paperize, which means they don’t really look anything like the final cards. But they’ll get the job done, and will be easy for me to modify quickly when I get feedback on this version of the game, so that’s a price I’m willing to pay for the moment.

Download the print-and-play version of the game here. I’ve also added a download link to the sidebar.

Anyone who’s going to PAX East: I’ll see you there. If you’re coming to this page because you met me at PAX East a couple days from me posting this: thanks for stopping by.

EDIT: 4/29/16: I’ve updated the version of the print-and-play on the website, and as such the download link posted here was no longer accurate. Rather than update this post every time I create a new iteration, I’ve decided to remove the link from here and simply keep an up-to-date version in the sidebar.

  • reply Sara ,

    This was a great demo! I would love to play test a full game with my friends. Get in touch if you want to stay in touch/

    • reply Adam ,

      Glad you liked it! If you want to play the full game I’ve got the print-and-play up, but unfortunately nicely manufactured sets like the one I had at PAX won’t be available for a while. I have a couple of copies out with different groups around the country being playtested, and I’m planning on using the feedback I get from those to run through a couple minor iterations on the print-and-play before I commit to producing another nice-looking version of the game (which will probably happen shortly before the Kickstarter).

      If you want an alert when the Kickstarter happens, you can sign up for the newsletter in the sidebar here:

      Now that I’m thinking about it, I probably ought to add that block to the sidebar on the development blog…

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