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Seize Everything

No Honor Among Thieves: PAX East UnPub

I am very seriously excited to announce that me and my new prototype are going to be at the UnPub booth at PAX East next weekend! I’m only going to be there on Saturday, because I want to explore and enjoy the convention on the other two days I’ll be there, but anyone who stops by the booth in the Tabletop Games area on that particular day will be able to play the latest version of No Honor Among Thieves, as well as a bunch of other not-yet-published games. The other two days I’m going to leave a bunch of business cards at the booth so that anyone who missed the playtest but still might be interested can pick one up. I’m hoping that by that point, or shortly afterward, I will have a print-and-play version ready for people to take a look at, so I figure anyone who takes a card can still get a chance to play the game on their own.

If you’re going to be at PAX, stop by, say hello, and maybe plan a few heists while you’re there.

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