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No Honor Among Thieves: Post-PAX Print and Play

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the table at PAX East last week to try out No Honor Among Thieves! Based on the feedback I got there, I’ve spent the last week tweaking a new version of the print-and-play, which you can now find in the sidebar.

Changes made in this version:

  • Added a new Scheme card type called “Complication,” and changed a large number of former Anytime Schemes to it. Complications can only be played during the complication phase of a heist. This should help clarify the order of operations for playing these cards (which are, for the most part, boost cards for Characters and Defenses).
  • Reworked the declaration priority and order of operations for Scheme cards and Character abilities in general to be more in line with what players seemed to expect, and removed a minor rules paradox that was pointed out to me during testing.
  • Reworked betrayals with multiple betrayers to be less uneven.
  • Reworded the dice boost cards to be more clear as to their effects. The order that things need to be done in should be more understandable now.
  • Clarified the Grave Robber’s ability so that it is clear that it does not give you money for its own death.
  • Changed the Thief-Maker Treasure to mean what I meant it to say rather than what it actually said.
  • Clarified the Learn From Your Mistakes Scheme card.
  • Fixed various typos.

PAX was a great time, and everyone who played the game there gave me some great feedback and great ideas, which I’ve tried to implement in this version of the game. We’re at the point where no problem I discover is absolutely game-breaking, but rather something that needs a little more polish and a little more care, and I’ve tried to give each area as much concerted attention as possible.

As for the convention itself, it was a blast. I got to see a lot of friends I haven’t seen in months, try out all the new virtual reality stuff, show off my game, and buy some unnecessary but beautiful dice. What more could I have asked for?

No Honor Among Thieves game laid out on the table
The game, after a successful playtest at PAX East.

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