Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Random Hidden Agenda

Here’s a table that I think I’m going to find very useful, judging by what’s happened in past games–specifically, the time when a sleazy looking fellow tapped one of the players on the shoulder and handed him his money pouch, saying “You dropped this.” For some reason, that made everyone veeeery paranoid.

Hidden Agenda of Suspicion-Arousing NPC

(or, What’s The Bastard Up To)

01. Using the players as unwitting pawns in an attempt to assassinate someone.

02. Attempting to steal from the players somehow.

03. Marking the players as targets for thieves/bounty hunters/extorters/bandits/necromancers/whatever.

04. Military conscription officer sizing up the party as potential recruits.

05. Serial killer looking for potential victims.

06. Spy for an evil wizard.

07. Secret police, trying to catch the party committing a crime.

08. Secretly an insane wizard.

09. Thinks the players were hired by rival/nemesis/whatever, due to unintended consequences of something they did recently; trying to sound them out and find out what their plan is.

10. Genuinely a good person who only wants to help.

11. Just likes making people uncomfortable.

12. Has secret arrangement with whatever incidental NPC the players speak to next–some sort of con going on.

13. Trying to get close enough to get a few strands of hair from one of the PCs, for purposes of creepy voodoo shit.

14. Assassin who thought the players were someone else for a minute there, totally not trying to harm them now though.

15. Being blackmailed/cursed into doing whatever is making the players suspicious.

16. Delivering a secret message from some reoccurring character.

17. Delivering a secret message; intended recipient is someone other than the PCs, though the messenger does not necessarily know that.

18. Trying to sell the players something.

19. Apprentice thief/assassin/wizard/whatever, practicing under the supervision of his master.

20. Does not know why he’s doing this. Was hired by someone who (roll again).


Unrelated to the above table: here’s a character sketch I drew up last night, just for the hell of it. Don’t really know who it is yet, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.


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