Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Object Secured

Just finished the third SCP game I’ve run this summer. It was a popular request–we hadn’t played it for a while, and at least one person told me it was their favorite game this summer, so I figured I could spend the half an hour it takes me to prep for this and run a session. The SCP game is easy to run–the tension, mystery and challenge take care of themselves.


Highlights of the night:

  • Bov participating from England, via Skype, until the time difference made it too hard for him to keep up and he went to bed while we carried on playing.
  • One of the characters almost dying.
  • The biggest fight we’ve had in any of the SCP games.
  • A daring escape by airship as the guards broke down the door of the tower with axes.
  • Blacksteve being run by Mark instead of Jake, which meant that the usual racism was much less evident.
  • At the end of the night hearing someone say, “Best game yet,” and feeling that warm, exhausted satisfaction that always comes with those words.

Memorable quotes:

“Usually ‘phase one’ is us telling you what will happen to you in phases two through five.”

“It’s a simple plan!”
“It’s not a simple plan! It involves an airship! It stops being simple as soon as you involve an airship!”

“Wait, so we’re assassinating him now?”

“We have several cubic meters of rat here. That’s a lot of rat.”

“I still think something’s going to go horribly wrong.”


“We are the Holy Arms of His Divine Majesty. Step aside, or face the wrath of the God who is King.”

-Me (as a soldier of the Holy Arms)


“I like any game where at a key point I assassinate a political figure.”



This might, in addition to probably being the last SCP game of the summer, end up being the last game of any kind for quite a while (with this particular group, at least–I’m sure I’ll keep gaming when I’m back at college). I’m glad it ended up being a good one.

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