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Ivodrol, Devourer of Words

A few hours ago, we finished session three of the Gutterpunk campaign. During it, the two summoners, chilling on a flat roof after summoning the imp Bokaton and sending him to kill their enemies in the alley below, decided, what the hell, we’ve got the summoning circle already here, let’s just repair the bits that were charred by Bokaton’s fires and try summoning one of the mystery demons. This was a demon where all they knew about it was its name, scrounged from some ancient and crumbling text from before the dawn of Man. The two summoners, Bruce and Mr. Tannerlin, have quite a large collection of names like that. They figured, we’ve got a decent circle here–binding wards scrawled in blood mixed with gold dust, candles, etc–the possibility of getting something we can’t handle is vanishingly low. They had a total Bindings score of 8 during this summoning. Demons’ Will–the number that’s compared to Bindings to see if the demon breaks out, and also an indication of how powerful the demon is–range from 1 to 10. They’d have to roll an 8 or higher to get something they couldn’t handle, a risk that didn’t stop them in the slightest.

They laid down the last lines of the circle and started chanting, while the rest of the party (and the previously-summoned Bokaton) fought on below. They’d decided to summon the demon Ivodrol–a good, powerful-sounding name, they thought.

When a demon is summoned for the first time, the summoner rolls one of every die type to figure out what sort of demon it ends up being. The d10 represents the demon’s Will. Guess what they rolled on their first ever attempt at summoning one of their unknown demons?

If you guessed 10, then congratulations, you know how this sort of thing works.


In honor of Bruce and Mr. Tannerlin summoning their first unknown demon, and also in honor of them summoning (however inadvertantly) their first Will 10 demon, I drew this. Behold, Ivodrol, Librarian of Hell, the Devourer of Words.

Ivodrol, Devourer of Words


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