Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Things that my players dismissed as unimportant that they came to horrifying realizations about during the final night of D&D (last night):

1) The military, almost mechanical precision of the dragoons that Marshal Darpan loaned them to help them hunt for the heretic Jebwyer Fanda and the Servant of the Saint of Chains.

2) The flat, almost monosyllabic speech pattern of the dragoon captain.

3) The high-collared, uncomfortably hot shirt the Marshal was wearing both times they met him when last at Castle Rahas.

4) The guards posted at the entrance to an area of a castle they had previously been allowed access to, denying entry to everyone.

5) The posting for Jebwyer Fanda on the bounty board had been taken down, replaced by a notice for “Datonarius Llysanticon, gnome priest.” Worth 200 gold. Wanted dead. (they didn’t so much as dismiss this as unimportant as not notice it at all, even after multiple times examining the bounty board, which amused me a little bit)


And thus ends the last night of D&D of freshman year. In the fall we will reconvene and finish the fight against the Saint of Chains, explore Death Mountain, face the terror that is Skeeve Redeye, and maybe even figure out just who “Mr. Rich” is. But until then our merry band of rogues is standing still in time, enemies all around them and dark revelations having just been unearthed.

Over the summer: Shadowrun. But that’ll be another story.

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