Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Seven Swords

IN THE BEGINNING were the ancient gods, born in the creation of the world. They were beings of unfettered power, and the world of mortals was their plaything. Mighty were they, and unopposed in their might, and cruel. Among their numbers were only destroyers of mortal works, and all creation was drawn in fire.

SOON came the mortals: humans, tall and proud; dwarves, boisterous and strong; gnomes, stern and secretive; elves, who would claim dominion over all; and many more besides. All lived and died at the whims of the ancient gods.

SEVEN SWORDS made the Forger God to send into the mortal world, for of those ancient gods only he of fire and hammer cared for those who walked the burning earth.

ANCIENT GODS demanded the return of the swords, for they knew that the Forger’s work could slay them. Men refused.

SEVEN SWORDS shook the world, and the kingdoms of men and gods ran red with the ending of an age.



The Seven Swords, and their various names, are as follows:

Brand, the Blade of No Return, the Herokiller

Vindictus, the Avenger, the Dancing Sword, the Red Hand of Death

Mournreaver, the Grieving Sword, the Weeping Sword, the Prayerful Hands

Kliss, the Soulbender, That Which Compels

Darkfyre, the Tyrant’s Sword, the Black Blade

Precipice, the Edge, the Driving Storm

Faithless, the Traitor Sword, the Wrench’s Blade

It is said that a warrior who wields all seven swords will become a god. This is widely regarded as a metaphor, as someone capable of wielding seven swords at once is most likely already a god.

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