Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Music To My Ears

Music used as inspiration for/directly during D&D:


Guild of Mute Assassins (or, Somewhere In This City Is A Man From Lomar Who Has Been Hired To Kill You)

Hoodoo Operator (or The Witch-King of the Lower City is Rolling Out)

The Depths Below (or, The Reason My Players Never Want To Go Out To Sea)

Airship Pirates (no “or.” Exactly what it says on the tin)

The Mark Has Been Made (or, Speaking with the Prophet of Hate)

Hall of the Mountain King (or, Creepy Hut With A Dead Guy And A Mannequin And Oh God The Mannequin Moved When You Weren’t Looking At It)

Through the Fire and the Flames (or, Powersliding Through Flaming Oil)

Subtle Hustle (or, Living High On Life (Until They Find The Bodies))

Too Far to Turn Back (or, Surrounded By War Drums In The Jungle)

Building Steam (or, Rogue Artificers Roll In And Suddenly Everyone Has Steam-Powered War Machines)

The End of Days (or, Ancient Tribal Peoples And Their Prophecies Of Doom)

The Wrath of Fate (or, Flying Through A Storm On An Airship, or Exactly What the Song is About)

Fight or Flight (or, Someone Is Eventually Going to Find Out We Killed All Those Chancery Agents)

Ruiner (or, “Mr. Rich”)

Animus Vox (or, Sailing Through the Mist and Finally Reaching the Fabled Isle of Verdan, Land of Magic and Steampunk)

Fistful of Silence (or, The Grey Legions March)

Assassins (or, The Man in the Black Cloak)

King of Everything (or, Old Jack’s War)

War is my Destiny (or, The Five Saints, or Goddamn That Is An Awesome Music Video)

No Easy Way Out (or, Every Situation The Party Has Ever Gotten Into)

Clickety-Clack (or, Seeking Out Traitors in the Expedition)

The Watchmaker’s Apprentice (or, Backstory of Every Rogue Artificer)

Lullabye-Bye (or, The Rise of the Lead Prophet)

Orphan Tears (or, What They Drink in the Emerald City)

Struggle (or, He Is Called the Poisoner, the Dollmaker, the Bloody Eye)

The Good Doctor (or, The Origin of Automata)

  • reply Varrik ,

    You’re missing “Magic harpsichord that half the party refuses to be within half a kilometer of”.

    • reply Adam ,

      That’s not on YouTube. That’s a little tune I had my younger brother compose for me several months ago in preparation for the time that you’d actually visit Death Mountain. I feel the preparation was worth it.

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