Seize Everything
Seize Everything

April 2011

The Barrow Men

The Barrow Men A short story by Adam Watts             The lights of Tahmoor, City of Emeralds, shone like a patch of stars fallen out of the sky. They were bright, these lights, and warm, despite the cool sea air. Each and every one marked a busy path, even at this late hour. Walk a […] Read more

We Are Awakened With The Axe

Humans vs. Zombies is described by the guys who run the HvZ club here at RIT as “A modified game of tag.” Which is, I suppose, the absolute simplest way of putting it. Like most simple explanations, though, it completely misrepresents the reality of the game. HvZ is not “tag.” HvZ is survival and hunting, […] Read more

Chandler’s Table

This blog is about whatever I feel like writing at the moment. Since I think a lot about Dungeons & Dragons, that means this is partially a D&D blog. Now, I really, really like random tables. Roll a die, get a result, keep on playing. They’re useful little things. I could probably entertain myself for […] Read more


At some point I’m planning on having an actual gallery page to store my artwork, but for now: ART. I am only just now realizing that most of the drawings I have on my hard drive are related to my D&D world in some way. Looking over this, I feel I ought to draw more […] Read more

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