Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Dead Hard Drives, Bounty Hunters and Art

So my hard drive is dead. All my data got backed up, and the replacement should arrive in the mail tomorrow, but for the moment I’m writing this on my old computer, which (when I booted it up again after several years) was runing Windows XP and IE6. The last system update, as far as I can tell, was in 2002. YouTube doesn’t work, everything is out of date, the wireless card can’t even detect the apartment wifi so I’m plugged into the wall…you get the idea.

What this old black IBM brick does have, however, is Photoshop, and all the drivers for my old tablet. Which I also still have around. So to pass the time while I’m waiting for my normal laptop to be returned to me, I started drawing, and thinking. A drawing in my sketchbook and a drawing in Photoshop later, and I’ve got an idea for a short comic, or comic series. We’ll see if it ends up happening (probably not, once I get my other time-wasters back, but who knows?). At the very least, I enjoyed drawing this bounty hunter lady.


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