Seize Everything
Seize Everything

First Prints: No Honor Among Thieves

The first batch of printed cards came in!


They ended up a fair bit darker than I expected, so unfortunately the Character and Defense backgrounds are looking pretty much the same.


But otherwise they’re looking damn fine.


I’ll have these at Vermont Comic Con, at the Let’s Make Games table.


After that, I’ll work on the Objectives, which I didn’t have time to get good prints of, and start hunting for an artist to commission for card art. The old Renaissance-era paintings I’m using for the Hidden Agendas (above) look really good, but I’d like my own art for everything, I think. Especially the character cards. The portraits I’m using now aren’t bad, they kind of look like wanted posters, but I’d love some good painting-quality stuff if I can get it.

If you’re in Vermont this weekend, I’ll see you at the con.

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