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Seize Everything

Character Cards: No Honor Among Thieves

At this point, I think I’m only going to be able to get a couple of the deck types printed for Comic Con. The Character and Scheme (formerly Action) decks are the most important, in my mind, because those are the cards with the most pen scribbles on them in my current home-printed set, so those are the ones I’m going to be focusing on to finish up design work in time for the convention.

For the backs of the cards, I’ve finally gotten around to creating a logo for the game. Unlike most of the design elements I’ve made, where I could happily tweak them for weeks on end, I’m entirely happy with how this came out.


Instead of using my janky silhouette guy for placeholder character art, I’ve been using the Terrible Character Portraits drawn by Jeff Preston and available with a free Creative Commons license for use in stuff like this. I still want to commission illustrations for these cards, but for now, these will do.

The colors are a little off because this is the CYMK version I’ll be sending to the printer, but you should be able to get the general idea. The Con Artist pictured below is one of the (relatively few) cards where the terrible character portrait matched pretty much exactly what I wanted for the character.


Hopefully I’ll have a fancy printed version by next weekend.

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