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Temporary Art and Convention Season: No Honor Among Thieves

I’ve been sketching some quick temporary art for my cards for No Honor Among Thieves. We’re closing in on the time where I have to submit my order to the printer I’ll be using if I want to get it in time for Vermont ComicCon, but I think I can get something rough done for every card type, to serve until I can hire an artist to make me some real artwork. I’m kind of tempted to try and do it all myself, but I think my usual style is too cartoony for what I have in mind for the game, so to save the time it would take me to learn a completely new style of art I’ll probably just leave things in the hands of a professional.

In the meantime, here’s the sort of temporary art I’m working on. It’s meant to look hastily brushed, to give some indication of the painted style I’m hoping to get in the final version, but I’m not super experienced at making that sort of style look good, so I think it still needs a lot of work. Hopefully I’ll find the time for it.


ALSO, big announcement: I’m going to have the latest iteration of No Honor Among Thieves available for play at Vermont Comic Con, September 19-20, in the Brap’s Magic game room. The folks at Brap’s have been kind enough to give the design collective I’m a part of, Let’s Make Games, a table to show off some of the stuff we’ve been working on, and I’m going to be there all weekend. Hopefully with a nice, professionally-printed version of the game I’ve spent the past year and change working on.

I’m also going to be doing the same thing at Carnage on the Mountain on November 7th, during the afternoon playtesting slot from 1-5 pm. If you’re in the area for either convention, be sure to stop by and say hi, at least.

Keep the knives ready and your hands quick. It’s time to bring this game out into the world a bit.

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