Seize Everything
Seize Everything

And Your Gift Is Dungeons

Short version: A while ago there was this, which led to this, and now to this.



Long version: The Secret Santicore PDF is finished, courtesy of the apparently-a-genius-at-organizing-spur-of-the-moment-projects Jez Gordon. It’s got forty-two entries on everything from new races to poisons to cults and post-apocalyptic stuff. There are over a hundred pages of this, complete with fantastic texturing and design work and illustrations.


And it’s all free. How’s that for a Christmas gift?


Many thanks to Jez for organizing this, to Zak for giving him the idea, to Brendan for coming up with such an excellent response to my request, and to Jeremy Duncan for providing an illustration of a creepy wizard tower for my Strongholds entry.


Now go and download that shit, because it is fantastic.

Strongholds Santicore Page

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