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Seize Everything

Let’s See What I Can Do

The D&D game has gone on a temporary and undetermined length hiatus–half the group wants to keep playing immediately, the other half wants to wait until next quarter before resuming, I don’t know what’s going on so whatever. This means that the only gaming that I’m going to be getting for at least a couple of weeks after we get back from break in January is going to be Peter’s Rogue Trader game. This also means, at least for the first week or so before I think of something else to do, that my major reason to draw/write stuff is going to be Rogue Trader. I mean, I’ve also been polishing up another comic idea that I might see if I can get off the ground, but I’ve tried that sort of thing before and I always have trouble sticking with them. For now, though, I’ve been trying to experiment with other art styles in an attempt to teach myself digital painting. The below picture of our Rogue Trader ship isn’t exactly digital painting, but it’s getting closer.

I give you the Profit’s Call, the customized Tempest-Class strike frigate commanded by rogue trader Ambrose Orthesian.

The Profit's Call

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