Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Cunning Devices

The party in the RIT campaign, having fled the city of Tahmoor after a deal to sell some weapons they stole from a bunch of rebels got complicated, have ended up on the island of Verdan. Verdan is famous for being home to the Monks of the Ascension, a science-cult that believes that their founder ascended to godhood through purely alchemical means, and who’s stated goal is to ascend all mortals to the level of gods by advancing technology. They hate magic in all its forms, and are one of the few religious groups who don’t even employ clerical magic.

On the opposite side of the island from the Ascension monastery is the city of Veras, the place where the players are staying. Veras was founded by a bunch of enchanters who took the devices that the Ascension created and added magic to them. It is the home of airships, mage-tinkers, and motorcycles powered by fire demons. Seeing as the first thing the players did upon entering the city was go on a shopping spree, I figured it would be useful to have a list of what’s for sale, and what exactly they do. Organized by category.

Word of warning for other DMs who might want to use these devices: I tend to underprice things, as well as give out less treasure than the DMG recommends. If you are in a more treasure-intensive game, or if you are in a world of lesser tech level than this, up these prices by a couple decimal places.



The following items may be purchased from the Monks of the Ascension.

Filtration Mask, Disposable Filter: 20gp. Adds +5 to fortitude saves against air-borne toxins. Filter must be replaced after a few days of use.

Paper Filter: 3sp. Fits into the above gas mask.

Filtration Mask, Alchemical: 100gp. Adds +5 to fortitude saves against air-borne toxins. Filter must be cleaned after a few days of use, but is reusable.

Alchemical Goggles: 10gp. Lenses darken if they detect bright light, giving you +4 against flashbangs and associated effects. Lenses do not return to transparent afterwards, and must be replaced.

Alchemical Lenses: 3gp.



These are grenades sold by the Monks of the Ascension. Unless it says otherwise, anyone in the blast radius can make a reflex save for half-damage.

Flayer: 25gp. 3d6 damage within a radius of 10 feet. Targets without any sort of armor take 1.5 times the normal amount of damage. Targets with heavy armor take half.

Burner: 25gp. 1d6 damage to everyone within a radius of 10 feet, plus an additional 1d6 damage for 1d4 turns.

Breaker: 100gp. Directed charge. 4d6 damage if you’re in 20ft of the direction that the charge is facing, 1d6 within 10ft everywhere else. If the breaker is thrown, roll a d10 to determine what direction it ends up facing: 1 north 2 northwest 3 west 4 southwest 5 south 6 southeast 7 east 8 northeast 9 up 10 down. Walls and other objects in the direction of the blast will most likely be destroyed.

Cussor: 200gp. Whenever you need to level a small building, this is what you want to have. 5d6 damage to everything within 30ft. No reflex save unless you are on the outermost edge of the radius.

“Finnigan’s”: 75gp. Fill the air in a 20ft radius with oxidized fuel when thrown. Ignites a turn later, dealing 4d6 damage to anything in the blast.

Mister: 30gp. Creates a 20ft-radius cloud of acid. Deals 1d6 each time you start your turn inside the cloud.

Flashbang: 50gp. Makes a bright flash and a loud bang. Make a reflex save to avoid looking at it or lose your next turn.

Smoke: 20gp. Fills a 10-ft space with concealing smoke.

Gas: 30gp. Fills a 10-ft space with choking toxins. Make a fortitude save each round or become disoriented. Next round, if you haven’t left the gas, make another save or fall unconscious.



These devices are avalible for purchase from specialty shops in the city of Veras. Be warned: most of the people selling these things are completely insane.

Articulated Sheath: Price depends on weapon. 20gp for a sleeve-knife, 60 for a standard sword, 80 for a large weapon. Basically, these are sheaths composed of dozens of slender mechanical arms that manipulate the weapon you put in them. All of these sheaths make drawing the weapon in them a free action. They will also catch the weapon and return it to the sheath if you drop it; with the knife sheath, this will only happen if the sheath is up the sleeve of its wearer, and the knife is being dropped from that arm. Also note that the sleeve-sheath makes it impossible to throw knives with that hand, as the sheath will assume you dropped the weapon and grab it out of the air.

Flash Goggles: 120gp. These goggles have small shutters that close when they detect blinding light, giving you +4 to reflex saves against flashbangs or similar effects.

Emberlock: Price varies.



Horses are still probably more efficient.

Motorcycle: Price currently unknown. The vendor highballed Marcus Bighammer for 5000gp, though. The machine is powered by fire demons, who need to be fed combustible substances. The reason why everyone isn’t riding one of these is currently unknown.

Hang Glider: 150gp

Ornithopter: 2000gp. Like a hang glider, but the wings are magically animated and flap like a bird.

Gyrocopter: 10,000gp. Sort of like a one-man corkscrew helicopter.

Airship, small (6-10 man): 17,000gp

Airship, large (cargo or warship): 30,000gp

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