Seize Everything
Seize Everything

October 2011

Cunning Devices

The party in the RIT campaign, having fled the city of Tahmoor after a deal to sell some weapons they stole from a bunch of rebels got complicated, have ended up on the island of Verdan. Verdan is famous for being home to the Monks of the Ascension, a science-cult that believes that their founder […] Read more

I, The Hound

Another animation done for my 2d Animation class. This was supposed to be a story-based character animation using the looping animations that we’d done previously. I put the loops in the credits and went for something completely different. Starring the Wanted Man and the Tracker-Soul, set in my D&D world. youtube= Read more

Random Notes on Saturday’s Game

Stream-of-consciousness run-through of Saturday’s D&D session: If the players discover something interesting, they will try to connect it to everything else that happens. Awesome moment: barbarian/cleric Marcus Bighammer and necromancer/cleric Sh’vass mud wrestling in the middle of a mass grave, with the dwarven monk Atlas Brulio using some of his fire elixir to breathe flame […] Read more

We’ll Need Some Guns

Following up on my D&D firearm rules, here’s some guns, and stuff to go with ’em. I’ve already covered your basic pistol and musket, as well as a few more unique items; having decided that those options are not nearly enough, I give you these. Dragon Pistol: A pistol/blunderbuss combo. Fires whatever you shove down […] Read more

Some Videos

Some videos I made. First up is a rotoscoping project I did for my 2D Animation class: youtube=   The second is an action scene me and some friends filmed over the summer. It was a helluva lot of fun to make–we should absolutely do this again sometime.   youtube= Read more

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