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University Arcana: Student Spells

Spells invented by the students at the University Arcana, for use by other students. Anyone who went to the University most likely has access to these spells, which are traditionally passed around in the infamous “Hidden Grimoires,” spellbooks that have had their covers replaced with that of boring or outdated alchemical texts.


Student Spell List:

Banish Hangover: 0th Level: Immediately banish one hangover. Does not banish residual drunkenness, just the headache.

Circle of Protection from Law Enforcement: 3rd level: Creates a circle ten feet in radius, centered on the caster. No one bearing any official badge, warrant or uniform may enter the circle for the duration of the spell.

Water to Wine: 0th Level: Turns up to one gallon per caster level of water into wine.

Illusory Paper: 2nd Level: Enchants a number of paper or parchment pages equal to your caster level. These papers, when assembled into one packet, will be seen by anyone looking at them as an essay on whatever subject the caster designates. This paper will not hold up to careful scrutiny; anyone looking at it will merely remember that it was an essay, not any of the content.

Bamuth’s Improved Term Paper: 3rd Level: Works as Illusory Paper, except it will give the viewer the impression that the paper contained a carefully-constructed argument. The enchantment draws information for the “argument” from the mind of the viewer: as such, viewers may even be able to quote from the “paper” if they themselves are knowledgeable about the subject being addressed.

Ferrad’s Extraordinary Pen: 1st Level: Animates a quill pen. The pen will write down whatever the caster says as long as it is supplied with paper and ink. Lasts for one hour per caster level.

Bamuth’s Attendance: Level 2: Creates an illusion of the caster in a certain spot, usually a chair. The illusion will respond to any inquiries with a confused expression and a shrug. Lasts one hour per caster level.


Staff Spell List:

Hasterings’ Compulsory Attendance: Level 4: Reverses the effect of Bamuth’s Attendance by making the caster of Bamuth’s spell appear in place of the illusion.

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