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Seize Everything

The Demons of Hack Vornheim

So…as you may recall (or not, if you don’t keep up with this blog, and I post so infrequently that I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t), I got third place in a contest a while back for my Random Criminals table. As a prize, I requested a d100 table of demon attributes that I might be able to use with the demon summoning rules I’ve been working on.


Here, in all their glory, are the two(!) d100 tables that Zak wrote for me, as well as the eight(!!) subtables above them. Roll to determine what, exactly, is coming through that gate you opened into Hell.


Zak: Blogger isn’t letting me comment on your blog right now, not really sure why, so I’ll say this here until it’s working again: Thanks, man. This is awesome.

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