Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Some More Artwork

The Knife

An automaton designed for a very specific purpose. Can’t say any more, as my players have yet to encounter anything like it.

Mysterious fellows

These two gentlemen fled from Castle Rahas on horseback as soon as the players freed everyone from the Servant of the Chained One. They did not have chains around their necks, unlike everyone else in the castle. Something about their manner as they were walking past made the ranger suspicious, and he followed them; when they knocked out the stablemaster and started saddling horses, he blew his horn to summon the rest of the party and cast entangle. The dark-haired one was killed in the ensuing high-speed horse chase; the blond one escaped. Current whereabouts/what they were doing there: unknown.

Verdan Operator Sketch

One of the “Verdan Operators” mentioned in my previous post. Haven’t yet taken it into Photoshop and colored it; might do that later.

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