Seize Everything
Seize Everything

No Heroes in San Marcho

Quick break from No Honor Among Thieves, Kickstarter and game development for a moment here.

This is a sketch I’ve done of the characters in the Deadlands game I’ve been running, in the fictional territory of San Marcho.

San Marcho Party

From left to right:

Jian, Chinese martial artist, runaway from the rail company, and hat collector, who cannot be killed by conventional weapons;

Arthur Morgoon, fourteen-year-old heir to the Morgoon Rail Company whose father thinks is at boarding school and who doesn’t really understand just how dangerous everything is out here;

Carson Slade, tracker, monster hunter, cynic and personal enemy of the most dangerous man in the Territory;

Edgar, the mad scientist without a past, who is slowly becoming more and more insane even as his devices become more and more powerful;

Ezra Galloway, the smooth-talking man from back east with a gatling pistol and no idea how to use it;

and Alex Gitche, the magic gunslinger with the golden gun and the patched white coat and the old enemies south of the border.

They’re a good crew, but it’s hard to be a hero in San Marcho. When you’re in the wilds of the Territory you’ve got to be ready to save yourself, because there ain’t no cavalry coming.

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