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No Honor Among Thieves: Survey Says…

Results from the survey have stopped coming in, so I’ve gone and turned it off on my previous post. Time to go through the results.

Here’s the numbers.

24 total responses.

50% were interested in better card materials.

33.33% were interested in plastic coins.

0% were interested in glass coins.

75% were interested in metal coins.

20.83% were interested in a fancy box.

12.50% were interested in an art book.

41.67% were interested in exclusive content.

75% were interested in exclusive components.

33.33% had other comments that they put in the suggestion box.

One thing that surprised me a little bit were the number of people using the comments box or the Reddit thread where I also posted the survey to advise me not to make a deluxe version of the game. I’m honestly not sure what to make of that, since I’ve seen deluxe versions of games do really, really well in a lot of Kickstarters. Is this something that people actually feel strongly about, or is it something that people say annoys them but when it comes down to it the numbers show them reacting in a different way? Or am I reading too much into the anecdotal evidence of my own experiences? I don’t know, but frankly the arguments people were making made a lot of sense to me, so I think at this point I’m going to focus more on upgrading the base game as much as possible instead of trying to push too hard for two versions of the game. Some things, like metal coins, are probably too expensive and heavy to make it into that version, but a couple people suggested having stuff like that as an add-on, which I thought was a pretty good idea. If I can figure out how to get good metal coins made on the side, I’m definitely doing that.

A few people were also vocal about disliking the idea of different card quality or different content between two versions of the game, though a solid 40% who filled out the survey were still interested in exclusive content. I think I’m going to steer away from that, though, unless the cards included are promo things you can also get elsewhere. The idea of having one version be mechanically better than the other leaves a bit of a bad taste in my mouth.

This has all been very helpful as I work to put together the Kickstarter page and finalize things before launching the campaign. To everyone who submitted a respones to the survey, thanks for the feedback. Hopefully the game will be better for it.

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