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No Honor Among Thieves: The Final Prototypes

After consulting with some forum threads, my fellow local game designers and a graphic designer I know, I’ve settled on this design for the final prototype. The graphic designer I’ve been working with suggested including a printout of potential alternate styles in the review copies I send out before the Kickstarter, and I think that’s an excellent way to get some feedback and bring people reviewing the game more into the creation process, but I don’t think things will really change a huge amount from this.

Of course, I said that about the last design, too. So we’ll see what happens.

Cunning Traps V2
Operator V2
Betrayal V2
Cursed Icon V2

From first to last: Defense, Character, Scheme and Treasure cards. I didn’t post a Hidden Agenda, because the artists I commissioned to make me art for those never came through. So it goes.

I’ve ordered a couple review copies of the game that I’m planning on bringing to PAX East to give to a couple of my friends that I’m meeting there. The Game Crafter said that they would ship on the 13th, and then on the 8th sent me a message saying that they’d shipped, so things are actually ahead of schedule there!

The Game Crafter does many things, but they don’t really do custom dice–the closest they come is blank dice with stickers that you can apply. I wanted engraved dice for my review copies, though, so I searched around the Internet, sent out a few query emails and found Blue Panther, which was able to get me exactly what I wanted within ten days of me first emailing them, and for a very reasonable price. Some of the engravings are a little off-center, and they’re not on the same sides on every die, but those are nitpicking little details that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of things. What matters is that now I can stop using blank white dice that I’ve drawn daggers and Xs on with sharpie.


Once again, the game takes another couple steps towards reality. It still amazes me to have come from paper cards and scrawled notes to this.

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