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No Honor Among Thieves: Looking Your Best

It’s amazing how much of a difference some good art can make.

You may have already noticed the new logo in the banner area of this page (if you’re reading this in the blog excerpt, click on the Read More link). That’s the new logo for the game, painted for me by artist Larisa Angheloni based on the older, simpler logo that I drew up a while back. The old logo will still be used in places where a simpler image is called for, like the backs of cards, but the new one will be showing up everywhere else–box, rulebook cover, every page on the website about the game, etc. It looks fantastic, and I’ve caught myself just sitting and staring at it more than once over the past few days.

In addition to the new logo, art for the cards and Objective mats has started rolling in. This should give people some sense of what I want the game to look like post-Kickstarter, when I have enough money to get all the cards illustrated.

Slash and Burn Sample
I’ve been reworking the Scheme card template to display the card type more prominently, since people keep missing that in playtests, and to give more space to the title. I’ve also rewritten this particular card three or four times over the course of playtesting, as it’s one of the trickier ones to explain in the limited space available. Slash and Burn is one of the cards where I had a very clear picture in my head of what I wanted the art to be, and I’m very pleased that I was able to achieve that.
1 - Merchant V2 Sample
The stage one Merchant objective has been renamed Wealthy Merchant, and given a sneering face to go with the treasure you’re set to steal from him.

It’s always exciting when the game makes a visual leap like this. First it was my scrawled paper prototype to one printed on colored cardstock, then the major jump from cardstock to manufactured cards bought at a print-on-demand retailer. Now it’s the jump from temporary placeholder art to commissioned, custom artwork done specifically for the game. Every day, slowly but surely, this thing I’ve been working on for almost two years starts to get a little more real. What a great feeling.

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