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No Honor Among Thieves: The Art Heist

I am currently commissioning artists to create artwork for example cards to use as demonstrations of what I want them to look like before I run the Kickstarter. I’m also looking for artists to do banners and potentially box art as well. I’m hoping to get a loose, sort of speed painter type of style; if that’s you’re forte, drop me a line at I’ve also posted about this on a few freelancer websites, which has been generating a lot of leads, but I figured anyone reading my blog deserves a fair crack at it too.

In other news, I’ve created a new Exhaust icon for the game after people pointed out to me that the old one looked a lot like the Tinker icon. Further redesigns of the card templates are ongoing, and final playtesting is underway. Slowly but surely, I’m closing in on actually running a Kickstarter for this thing.

Icon Reference V2-5

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