Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Shadowrun: Grey & Dobson

Control and Glass

New Ares Alpha, not quite straight off the factory floor. It had made a detour through a crooked quartermaster, two separate smugglers that I knew of and an extended stay in my workshop for a little tweaking before Glass got his hands on it. Once he picked it up he spent about a day taking the thing apart and putting it back together again before trying to fire it. We ran the van out of the garage to give us some space and made a makeshift firing range against the back wall. Neighborhood like this, no one was going to call Knight Errant if they heard some low-key gunfire sounding off, but you still don’t want to pull shit like that in broad daylight. The step-van was blocking part of the street, but, again, this wasn’t the sort of neighborhood where that would get commented on.

Glass took his time setting up the smartlink, making sure all the code checked out. Soon as he was done with that it’d be three rounds on every target, I knew, and to hell with the piece-of-shit AK-97 that had coughed up its last bullet nearly a month ago and spurred him to look for a new weapon. The replacement was Ares in every respect, and that meant it was a high tech, high quality firearm. I didn’t think Glass would be too disappointed with how it operated. Hopefully not, anyway. We had a job or two coming up that might require that kind of firepower.

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