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Seize Everything

The Shadowrun Playlist

Finally, six months after we decided that it would be fun to play a Shadowrun game, I have gotten to actually play it. And it was fantastic. And now every song I hear has, in the back of my mind, been playing from the speakers in my armored van while I’m cruising through the Seattle sprawl. Here’s a small sampling of that soundtrack, renamed to reflect where it fits into the game (note: lot of this is going to be inside jokes, so I’m not sure how interesting it’ll be to people outside of the group. Consider yourself warned, hypothetical reader).

For a bit of context, my character, a rigger called Control, and Bov’s character, a street sam/hacker called the Glass Man, joined the game at the same time and are fluffed as knowing each other. Together, they run a mechanic shop and a front company called Grey & Dobson, and were a little low on cash when three bloody and soot-stained runners walked through the front door at 2AM, looking for a professional driver or two…

We Got A Job, Boys (general campaign theme)

Grey & Dobson Specialty Delivery and Transportation: A Completely Legitimate Business

Grey & Dobson Specialty Delivery and Transportation: Gon Deliver To Ya

Control/Glass Themesong (or, Head Full of Wires/Gotta Go Fast)

Cal’s Themesong (or, Gangster With Revolvers)

Driving Around Music

The Tourist Town Apartment

Corpsec Fast-Response Closing In


I Still Say We’re Going to End Up Killing This Guy When He Figures Out We Aren’t Actually the Illuminati

Suitcase Full of Pistols and Money


The Job Goes Wrong

A lot of these are from the Sleeping Dogs soundtrack, just because I’ve been playing that recently. Damn fine game.

  • reply Steven Colt ,

    This is also pretty good:

    • reply Adam ,

      I suppose I should append my post with “Anything by Two Steps From Hell,” shouldn’t I? I used to just put these guys on shuffle whenever a battle came up in the D&D game I was running.

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