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Seize Everything

Riddles of the Face in the Mountain

The players in my Pathfinder game came across the Face in the Mountain earlier tonight, an ancient being from before the time that magic was split into arcane and divine. It answered one question from each of them, replying in riddles. I know that most of my players didn’t write down the riddles, so this is more for them than anything else.


Questions are in bold, the answers are below them.


Gwydion Haalwya: Where is the nearest God in the Box?

One day a small light asked Ummon,
Where may I find myself?
Ummon said, Look within.
He looked within himself
And saw.


Doctor Vecca: What is Skeeve Redeye currently scheming?

The water runs with bloody eyes
The book, the key, the pawn
He walks among the cypress there
The first, the third, and gone


Kurth: Do you know Youser Machieff?

Small men walk on small things below
Small as ants, though some still fly
With wings too broad for their shoulders
They fly, and crash, and die


Doctor Clyde Wilson: How may I cure my ancestral disease?

The man in gold came with a gift
But the swordsman knew no gift was free
He sailed beyond the bitter sea
Now flies as ash upon the breeze
The flowers grow in that shade
You will see them on your knees


Django: How may I better myself and my ability to kill people?

When the world began
The one who walked the burning earth
Made seven swords to kill the gods
When a small world ended men who knew
Made seven spears to pierce the sky
At the next dawn a man who thought he knew pain
Razed seven cities to the ground
All seven, now, unbound


Michael Ramos: “What will be my greatest obstacle in this mission?”

The soldier’s son walks streets of gold
The child of lore has left the fold
The crows that follow are the crows that see
Daggers in the wake as you bend the knee

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