Seize Everything
Seize Everything

The Rosharn Vendetta

Rosharn Vendetta

Do you fear for your life? Do you have a million or so gold lying around? If so, then the best murder deterrence in the world is a simple bronze amulet bought from the Rosharn Vendetta. This trinket represents a promise by the Rosharn that if you are killed, they will hunt down and slay whoever killed you. Doesn’t matter who it was, doesn’t matter where in the world they are, doesn’t matter how they try to hide or run or defend themselves, from the moment they ended your life they themselves were as good as dead.

No one knows what the Rosharn look like. No one even knows how to get in contact with them to buy the amulets; those who own them certainly aren’t telling. All that is known about the amulets is that they are crazy expensive, and if you kill someone wearing one then sometime soon a hooded figure with tiger paws instead of hands will walk into the room without anyone noticing its arrival, draw a knife and slit your throat. You have to pass a will save just to notice that one of these guys is nearby.

The Rosharn Vendetta is believed to be based in the land of Arun, though no one knows from where this knowledge came.

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