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Seize Everything

My Futile Rage

I want to draw. And I can’t. Or, rather, I can, but it has to be with pencil and paper, not with graphics tablet and Photoshop, which is my preferred way of drawing, because my tablet pen has broken (yet again) and the replacement won’t arrive until Thursday. My hands are starting to twitch, and it’s only been two days. There are certain things that when I can’t do them, my mind starts to behave erratically until I can do them again. Drawing is one of those things. And, because of my webcomic, I tend to draw with my tablet these days.


I need a place to vent. Here is as good as any. I have a sketchbook–perhaps I’ll break that out, start drawing the figures in my imagination. That might help. I’m fixated on sci-fi at the moment, not sure why. Kind of want to write and draw a short sci-fi comic, or something. And my friend Scott recently directed me to a band called Beats Antique–listening to them made me want to make a steampunk movie or something, just to have something to set the music to. Damn good stuff. But I don’t have the costumes or the props or the actors or the time, and my tablet pen is broken and goddamn am I getting twitchy. I can write well, but not when my hands want to hold a pen. I don’t use a pen to write. I prefer typing. Pen and pencil are for drawing. I’m not even sure if I’m making sense anymore.


Gonna go draw something in the sketchbook. When I’m done, I’m going to want to color it, and post it online. Can’t. Have to wait for Thursday. Maybe I’ll plan out that short comic I feel like drawing. Maybe that’ll never happen. All I know is, until that replacement pen arrives, I’m going to be itching every night, wanting to draw and paint with light on a glowing screen, and I won’t be able to. If that ain’t hell, it’s at least getting hotter.

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