Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Random Stuff from Recent Games

SCP Game (GMing)

  • Konrad packing caviar and crackers (and not much else, really) in watertight containers to feed himself and Lord Howser in the jungles while they were searching for a crashed airship actually may have saved the lives of the entire party, though not in the way you might expect.
  • Even if it’s just a routine search-and-investigate operation, the players will request D-Class personnel.
  • If the players have D-Class personnel, they will use the D-Class personnel.
  • No one in the party actually knows how to fly an airship, a fact that they probably should have thought of before they jettisoned the cargo and took off.
  • They don’t know how to fly a regular hot air balloon, either.
  • Holy balls, combat in Warhammer Fantasy is deadly.
  • When presented with a choice between fighting their way through a madman and his army of savage tribesmen and going into a crashed and purportedly demon-haunted airship, the players will send in the D-Class.
  • Konrad is a handy man with a bellows.
  • Lord Howser now knows how to navigate an airship, after spending quite a lot of time studying the one they found themselves on.
  • Gottfried (the new member of the team) will want to shoot anyone who seems suspicious. He is a very good shot.

Spirit of the Century (Playing)

  • Nathan plays a very good airship pirate.
  • Having a crew of buccaneers burst through the door will straight-up end any barfight.
  • The most satisfying feeling in the world is materializing out of the crowd and plucking the treasure map off of the target, thus halting the high-speed footchase before it begins.
  • They don’t accept Canadian money in 1920s El Paso.
  • Trying to spend Canadian money in 1920s El Paso makes it really easy for us to track you down.
  • Having a stealth zeppelin overhead (equipped with rope ladders) is really, really helpful when the small army that is also looking for the map shows up and starts shooting up the bar.
  • Jean-Claude keeps it classy.

Mind-Fuck D&D (Playing)

This is a campaign that started earlier this evening (well, technically by now it was yesterday, but you get the idea). Connor wrote up a game that runs on its own twisted, acid-trip dream-logic, and we set out into it to figure out what the hell was going on and hopefully get rich along the way. He’s running Fourth Edition, which I normally don’t like, but with this game it’s not really the system that matters as the players and the weird shit that goes down along the way.

Some notes:

  • Connor will allow you to use anything that’s built into the official Wizards of the Coast character-building program.
  • Doppelgangers are an option offered by the character builder.
  • So are minotaurs.
  • Wolfgang Dopple (my doppelganger wizard) speaks with a German accent and doesn’t like danger.
  • Tyler the Minotaur believes that eating the hearts of his enemies will make him more powerful.
  • Convincing Tyler to not eat the creepy, possibly-demonic child that I’d cast Sleep on took more time than the actual fight.
  • The wizard Lucid is a complete and utter dick.
  • Sleep is the most useful spell ever.
  • Casting Sleep on someone in the dream-world will wake them back up, and seriously ruin the plans of the reality-bending dream-wizard.
  • Lucid’s minions are also kind of dicks, but for a different reason.
  • It’s hard to stop speaking in a German accent once you’ve started.

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