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Seize Everything

Line of the Night: Shadowrun

Random lines that stand out for me from the game of Shadowrun we played on Saturday:


Leiland: “Who is this?”

Control: “Control.”

Leiland: “There’s a lot of Controls in the phone book. You a friend of Cal’s? Did he give you this frequency?”

Control: “Yeah, I know Cal. He’s in the back of my van.”

Cal: “MMPH!”


Glass: “I understand why it’s necessary, but do we really need to use the fat suit?”


Control: “Hold up, before we go any further we should really erase the RFID tags on this thing.”

Glass: “What? No. Leave them in. If we get caught, I want it to be because we’re broadcasting porn ads.”


Gareth, looking for a distraction: “Hey, did you see Karl Kombatmage last night?”

Guard: “Yeah, the one where he rode his own fireball through the window?”

Gareth: “Yeah, that was great!”



Gareth: “I have bad news, Leiland. We found your body.”

Leiland: “And?”

Gareth: “You’re kind of dead. I guess you’re an AI now?”

Leiland: “What?”

Lupin: “See? Your body.” [pic attached]

Control: “Jesus, Lupe. That’s cold.”

Lupin: “We also found a head that was still breathing earlier. Was kind of gross looking.” [pic attached]

Control: “Dude! Stop sending the Johnson shock images.”


Cal: “We came this far with all the equipment and planning to extract someone, and we are damn well going to extract someone.”


Chatlog: 13:24

Glass: SysOp figured out something was wrong. We got a suit and a couple guards escorting us up now.

Cal: You need me on the first floor?

Glass: That’d be good.

Glass: Wait.

Glass: Bring me my assault rifle.


Lupin: “Hey, maybe we could work on getting me out of the building before you blow it up? That’d be great.”

  • reply Cognimancer ,

    Man. This was a fun session.

    Ignore the fact that I’m creeping through your blog archive

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