Seize Everything
Seize Everything

Peter (my roommate) is starting up a game of Rogue Trader, which will be played whenever we get a chance/aren’t playing D&D. It’s the first time he’s ever run a game; here’s hoping it’s a good one. We did character and ship creation the other night, which took far longer than I expected (I should be used to this by now–I’m always indecisive when it comes to chargen).


Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ambrose Orthesian, rogue trader and captain of the Profit’s Call.

Ambrose Orthesian


  • reply Varrik ,

    *puts on dusty, badly-fitting Art Critic hat*

    You do extravagant outfits absurdly well. The ensemble looks freakin’ sweet. I feel like you should really work on your fingers though. It could just be handwaved as part of the art style (after all, the face isn’t photorealistic but it looks good), but those sausage-fingers look really out of place next to the intricately detailed coat.

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