Seize Everything
Seize Everything


Things I learned about the SCP campaign world while playing in it earlier tonight, that I did not know before playing:

  • There is a place (name hasn’t quite been pinned down yet) where lives a people who everyone is racist against. Wherever that place is, Jake’s character is from there.
  • The player characters’ party is referred to as “Cell 6.” They are the thirty-first “Cell 6.” Every previous one has been wiped out in horrible ways.
  • Society Agents refer to the SCP Foundation’s Class-D personnel (convicted criminals used to interact with dangerous SCP objects) as “Gallowmen.”
  • Lord Lanstern, one of the high lords who rules the city Ritern of the Black Towers, is basically a fantasy-universe Hugh Hefner.
  • The Altilian family is a once-great noble house that has recently fallen into bankruptcy and dishonor in the Semdan Isles.
  • Robert Florentino (French pronunciation of Robert) was a famous artist who donated large sums of money to the Semdan Academy for the Arts.
  • The Dark Tower Reliquary in Ritern is staffed entirely by one old man who knows where everything in the library is located and who has read every book therein. It is also the only tower without a lord’s colors adorning the black stonework.
  • Lord Howser does not understand what it is to be poor.
  • Lord Lanstern is a fan of pickled monkey brains, and has had them served at every party he’s hosted for the past couple months.
  • Pickled monkey brains are actually quite good, though the texture is a bit weird.
  • The man who Lanstern called “the Good Doctor” is kind of creepy, and will offer you a taste of whatever he’s currently working on (in the players’ case, water drained from a man’s lungs).
  • Jake’s character worships a god called “Mumbo Jumbo.”
  • Nathan’s character will start gambling and drinking if left alone for a few minutes.
  • Bov’s character is a rich and sneering nobleman.
  • Colin’s character is Bov’s manservant.
  • Dorf’s character will kill you over a pun.

Full session write-up to come sometime tomorrow.

  • reply Varrik ,

    I want to meet Dorf’s character. I will, of course, be armed.

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