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No Honor Among Thieves Newsletter Raffle

THE PROJECT HAS LAUNCHED AND THE RAFFLE IS OVER. Anyone signing up for the newsletter after 10:10 am Eastern Standard Time on August 30, 2016, will not be considered for the prizes. If you’re still interested in the game, you can now back it on Kickstarter here.

The original content of this page remains posted below.

This is a raffle. The rules are simple: anyone signed up for the No Honor Among Thieves newsletter by the time the Kickstarter campaign launches has a chance of winning a prize.



One winner will receive a free copy of the game after publication and a hat that says NoHAT on it, because I will be damned if I let that joke die.

Three second-place winners will receive ceramic Honor/No Honor tokens that you can use during the game to mark whether or not the thieves’ code of honor has been broken.

Other winners may be chosen as well and given rewards based on suggestions from the audience, time and funding permitting.

All winners will be contacted by me after the campaign launches to notify them of their good fortune.

Signing up for this newsletter means, essentially, that you’re going to be notified when the campaign launches. I don’t expect to use it for much else after that. When the campaign is over, I will create a new email list for anyone who wants to continue getting updates for Carpe Omnis Games subsequent work. Basically what I’m saying is, this raffle does not put you at risk of receiving a million spam emails.

Sign up below.

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