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Bounties Archive

Missy DuBourde

Missy DuBourde, former slave and current terrorist operating in the Maywood Bayou region, is wanted dead or alive for acts of murder, theft and wanton cruelty to her fellow human beings. She is known to operate with a small gang of three to five other unknown individuals, usually on a temporary basis.

In addition to the legal bounty, Ms. DuBourde has in her posession a small jade statue of a falcon, which is the rightful property of Mr. Frederick Knowles of Morton. The return of this statue to Mr. Knowles will be met with a reward of $100.

Chief Latoscha

“Chief Latoscha” claims to be the leader of a war party of “Warwouix” Indians which has come to wage war on the white man in revenge for incursions into their territory. Since no one, not even other Indians, has heard of the Warwouix before, it may be that he is simply a madman, but whatever the case he and his men are scalping, burning and killing their way across the Kalpier Scrublands and the White Hills, and must be stopped.

In addition to Chief Latoscha, a bounty of $20 will be paid for every Warwouix raider scalp.

Perry Heughford

Perry “the Animal” Heughford is believed to be responsible for the fire that consumed the Bildershold Manor on Banner Ridge near Maywood, a fire which in addition to destroying a historic and beautiful piece of architecture also ended the lives of several servants who had been tasked with its upkeep and maintenance. Fortunately for all involved, the Bildershold family was not at home at the time. Is it believed that this act of arson was part of some sort of dispute between the servants in the manor and locals in the nearby Reedtown.

Thomas Riley

Thomas “Mountain” Riley is wanted for the murder and scalping of a hunting party from the town of Zorah in the western Kellerday Mountains, as well as suspicion of cannibalism. Locals emphasize that “Mountain Riley” is extremely dangerous, and possibly insane.

William Dooley

William “Old Man” Dooley is believed to be the mastermind behind the Dooley Gang’s robbery of the SM National Bank. During the course of the heist his family, along with two unknown accomplices, took hostages, killed innocent bystanders and a bank teller who refused to assist them, and shot four deputies of the Marshal’s Office who tried to intervene, killing one. The Marshal’s Office calls upon all righteous folk of San Marcho to aid in ending Old Man Dooley’s reign of terror, and bringing justice to the Dooley Gang.

Margaret Dooley

Margaret Dooley is wanted for her participation in the Dooley Gang’s robbery of the SM National Bank, where it is believed she was the getaway driver. She is wanted alive for questioning regarding the fate of the former owners of the stagecoach which was used in the heist.

Ellis Dooley

Ellis “Barker” Dooley is wanted for the murder of Mr. Edward Holmes, a clerk at the SM National Bank, during the robbery of the same by the Dooley Gang, as well as theft charges related to the heist. Barker Dooley is a mad dog, and all good folk of San Marcho are encouraged to put him down like one.

Magnus Dooley

Magnus Dooley is wanted for the destruction of property that resulted from the Dooley Gang’s attack and robbery of the SM National Bank in November, where it is believed that he used dynamite to blow a hole into the bank from the neighboring laundromat, where other members of his family were holding hostages. His criminal explosive endeavors resulted in the death by shrapnel of Ms. Gilda Baker of Homes Street and the wounding of several other patrons who were in the bank at the time it was breached, and for that act of senseless murder Magnus Dooley is wanted dead or alive.

Jack Dooley

Johnathan “Jack” Dooley is the youngest son of William “Old Man” Dooley, and is regarded as the most dangerous gunfighter in the gang. Jack Dooley was involved in the shootout at the SM National in November, where one Morton Marshal’s Office deputy was killed and three others wounded as the Dooley Gang shot their way out of town in the most brazen bank robbery the Territory has ever seen.

For to his crimes against the city of Morton, San Marcho and the Morton Marshal’s Office, Jack Dooley is wanted dead or alive.

“Mr. Click”

The stagecoach robber known only as “Mr. Click” is wanted for multiple armed robberies, the most prominent of which were the holdup of the Wells Fargo Stage in Prymoor and the Kiplier Mail Coach in the scrublands near the Ajho Desert. This individual is always masked, and by reports speaks through some sort of voice-masking contraption. Any information leading to his capture or certain identification will see a reward of $20, with ten times that being paid for bringing him in alive yourself.

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