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    • Newsletter Raffle

      In preparation for the launch of the No Honor Among Thieves Kickstarter campaign, I’ve decided to hold a little raffle for subscribers to the newsletter. Everyone who is subscribed to the No Honor Among Thieves newsletter by the time the campaign launches will have a chance to win fabulous prizes, including: A free copy of […] Read more

    • Collected Kickstarter Wisdom: 6 Main Lessons (Plus 1)

      I’ve been¬†fascinated by crowdfunding, and Kickstarter in particular, for a while now. I’ve been attending panels at various conventions, studying successful and not-so-successful campaigns, and reading articles or blog posts about the subject for four or five years. Also, as you may have gathered from all the posts about it on my blog, for the […] Read more

    • No Heroes in San Marcho

      Quick break from No Honor Among Thieves, Kickstarter and game development for a moment here. This is a sketch I’ve done of the characters in the Deadlands game I’ve been running, in the fictional territory of San Marcho. From left to right: Jian, Chinese martial artist, runaway from the rail company, and hat collector, who […] Read more

    • No Honor Among Thieves: Survey Says…

      Results from the survey have stopped coming in, so I’ve gone and turned it off on my previous post. Time to go through the results. Here’s the numbers. 24 total responses. 50% were interested in better card materials. 33.33% were interested in plastic coins. 0% were interested in glass coins. 75% were interested in metal […] Read more

    • No Honor Among Thieves: Deluxe Edition Survey

      For the Kickstarter, I’ve been planning to have one basic version of No Honor Among Thieves, and one “deluxe” version that costs more but has better components. I think this is the best way to satisfy my desire to keep the game reasonably priced but also have the sort of really good pieces that make […] Read more

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