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    • Shadowrun Armory: Artillery and Ammunition

      I’ve got Shadowrun on the brain again. A friend of mine who is putting a character together asked for an overview of all the different ammo types in the game, and on my last Shadowrun Armory post someone asked me if I was ever going to get around to talking about grenade launchers, so onceĀ again, […] Read more

    • Guest Post on Stonemaier Games: Seeking Investment Before Kickstarter

      A month before launching my Kickstarter campaign, I had the opportunity to pitch my game company to investors and entrepreneurs at a shark tank-like event in my town called Road Pitch. I didn’t get any investment, but I did learn some lessons that I thought might help anyone else looking to try and walk that […] Read more

    • No Honor Among Thieves: Live on Kickstarter!

      It’s taken two years to get to this point, and a number of delays, but I’ve finally got everything nailed down. No Honor Among Thieves is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Check out the campaign here. Before I head back to feverishly attending to my new campaign, I’d like to take a moment to thank […] Read more

    • Newsletter Raffle

      In preparation for the launch of the No Honor Among Thieves Kickstarter campaign, I’ve decided to hold a little raffle for subscribers to the newsletter. Everyone who is subscribed to the No Honor Among Thieves newsletter by the time the campaign launches will have a chance to win fabulous prizes, including: A free copy of […] Read more

    • Collected Kickstarter Wisdom: 6 Main Lessons (Plus 1)

      I’ve beenĀ fascinated by crowdfunding, and Kickstarter in particular, for a while now. I’ve been attending panels at various conventions, studying successful and not-so-successful campaigns, and reading articles or blog posts about the subject for four or five years. Also, as you may have gathered from all the posts about it on my blog, for the […] Read more

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